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I’ll see you at dinner young lady!

Here in this clip of Two and a Half Men, Jenny McCarthy does a splendid job of representing Rabinovitz’s work and by what she means when discussing female excess. Here in this clip, Jenny, who is Walters girlfriend, is on the deck tanning when Jake comes home. Jenny is dressed in bright colors, is wearing a bikini and high heels, has tons of make-up on, is expressing and showing her cleavage, and continuous sex appeal, which according to Rabinovitz, are all markers of feminine excess.  Additionally, take note of how when Alan arrives home and wants to have a word with Jenny, how she responds to his comments. Jenny is brash, loud, and unafraid to lash out and give her opinion when being scrutinized by Alan for finding wealthy men and sponging off of them and is rather relatable to Samantha’s mother, Endora, on Bewitched, whom is mentioned in Douglas’s work. By Jenny mooching of off Walter, and depending on him for money, this tends to fit into the traditional female role of what we are familiar with seeing.