Introductory Blog: Identity in the family setting

The sitcom that I decided to blog about throughout the course of this semester is Two and a Half Men. Having never been an avid follower of a sitcom, Two and a half Men is brand new to me, but after watching an episode and a few clips on the internet, it seemed rather intriguing to me. In terms of relevance to the course, Two and Half Men seems to fit right in with identity when discussing Alan and Charlie’s constant strive to fit into parenting roles for Jake. Identity by definition is “In contrast with the ‘naturalism’ of this definition, the discursive approach sees identification as a construction, a process never completed – always ‘in process’. It is not determined in the sense that it can always be ‘won’ or ‘lost’, sustained or abandoned. Identification is in the end conditional, lodged in contingency.” In the clip, Alan is helping Jake study math in attempt to perform quality parenting. The scene depicts a typical father/son setting in which the father is doing what he is “obligated to do”, while both are attempting to find their identities and play into their respected roles. Lastly, take note of the setting of the scene as well and how the scene comes across as your everyday father and son interaction!


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